Meditation and cancer

Meditación y cáncer

Meditation and cancer

Meditation techniques are becoming increasingly popular in the Western world because of the speed of life we lead. It is not always easy to meditate. It is a technique that requires effort and consistency. However, it can help you connect with yourself and reduce stress, providing many benefits for your health. 


 Benefits of meditation 

 Relaxation techniques help us improve our mood, focus and levels of stress. In addition, several recent studies relate some of its benefits to patients with diseases such as cancer. 


According to the United States National Institutes of Health (NIH), some of the health benefits meditation provides are: 

  • When used together with conventional medical treatment, meditation may help reduce blood pressure. 
  • Studies show that meditation may help reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression and pain. 
  • For some cancer patients, meditation has been shown to help relieve anxiety, stress, fatigue, drowsiness and mood when used in conjunction with standard cancer treatment. 
  • During menopause, meditation may help reduce certain symptoms, such as hot flashes, sleep and mood disorders, stress, or pain in muscles and joints. 



Types of meditation 

 Knowing the multitude of benefits of this discipline, the first step may be to explore the various options available.  


There are about 8 different types of meditation such as Vipassana, Zen, Kundalini or Chakra meditation, among others. However, if you are starting out in this practice, we recommend that you start by exploring what is the most comfortable way for you to get to that state of deep concentration and relaxation: 

  • By repeating a mantra. The mantra may be a word or short phrase that is repeated over and over again. 
  • Using specific positions or movements such as Tai chi or yoga. 
  • By breathing, focusing on inspiration and expiration. 
  • Through silence. 
  • With certain sounds, like Tibetan sounds. 


Now simply choose a quiet place, sit in a comfortable position and relax… 

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