Cancer Clinical Trials Sponsors

Cancer Clinical Trials Sponsorship

Make your Cancer Clinical Trial a success

Currently 80% of clinical trials are cancelled or delayed due to lack of patients¹.

Aware of the difficulties of finding patients to participate in cancer clinical trials, we’ve created a platform to bring together science and people. We want to make people aware of the value of clinical research and the importance of participating in a study, facilitating access to international clinical research.

MatchTrial is a platform that brings together all active cancer clinical trials and gives patients and doctors easy, quick access to the latest studies. This makes patients’ search easy, effective and transparent, in order to support development of cancer treatments and drugs that help improve quality of life.

Register your trial on the platform and monitor patient recruitment in real time. Plus, you’ll get access to data and statistics that will tell you more about the patients that sign up for the trial.

¹El Factor T, el paciente activo lo cambia todo en salud. Second symposium ‘Creer y crear futuro’. Spanish Society of Hospital Pharmacy (SEFH) in collaboration with Bayer, 2019.

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Did you know that 45% of all clinical trials don’t go ahead because they lack patients?

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