We optimize the patient inclusion process for your clinical trials

Optimizing the patient inclusion process for your clinical trials

Make your study a success

We are keenly aware of the challenges of finding patients to enroll in clinical trials. Therefore, we created a platform that brings science and people together. Our goal is to make people aware of the value of clinical research and the importance of their collaboration in trials by facilitating their access to international clinical research.

How can we help you?

Smart algorithm platform that makes it easy for our users to geolocate clinical trials

Phone-based patient pre-screening to confirm potential eligibility

Management and direct referral to the selected hospital

A data dashboard to help you track your trial recruitment in real time

Scientific outreach channel for patients and physicians

Team of specialists at your disposal

More than 80% of clinical trials do not meet their deadlines because they cannot find the necessary number of patients. MatchTrial® is a solution that optimizes patient recruitment in interventional oncology clinical trials. Using our smart algorithm, we can find the right subjects for every clinical trial. MatchTrial speeds up the recruitment processes and minimizes the rate of screening failures.

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