participar en un ensayo clinico
Clinical trials

Benefits of enrolling in a clinical trial

It is always up to the patient to decide whether to enroll in a clinical trial. Patients always have the right to know all the information about the treatment they are going to undergo, and

linfoma de hodgkin

Hodgkin Lymphoma

We have been hearing a lot about this type of tumor lately, particularly since its diagnosis in public figures like the actor Dani Rovira or tennis player Carla Suarez. In this post, we will explain everything

que es el cancer

What is cancer?

Cancer is a disease caused by an uncontrolled growth of cells, which we call a tumor, that can start anywhere in the body. This uncontrolled growth causes problems in the place where it occurs, and cancer cells can

Laia Raich

Oral mucositis in cancer patients

Oral mucositis or stomatitis is an inflammation of the mucosal lining of the digestive tract. The most commonly affected areas are the throat and esophagus. This toxicity occurs in 30-50% of cancer patients treated with

cancer de mama con metastasis cerebral
Adela Fernandez Ortega

Brain Metastases in breast cancer

Between 15% and 30% of patients with breast cancer will develop brain metastases over time. Brain metastases are tumor cells derived from primary breast cancer that will settle and grow in brain tissue.  At present, there appears

testimonios cancer de mama triple negativo
Real-Life Stories

Sandra Monsonís and her battle against cancer

Five years ago, Sandra was working at a fish stall in the municipal market of Barcelona when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had not been to the gynecologist for 7 years, and thanks

testimonios cancer de mama triple negativo
Real-Life Stories
Sandra Monsonís

My story as triple negative, BRCA positive

When cancer entered my life, I was 43 years old. More than 5 years had passed since I had seen a doctor. I had some chest discomfort, but I did not feel any lumps or

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