Sandra Monsonís and her battle against cancer

Mi historia como triple negativo y BRCA positivo

Sandra Monsonís and her battle against cancer

Five years ago, Sandra was working at a fish stall in the municipal market of Barcelona when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had not been to the gynecologist for 7 years, and thanks to a routine mammogram, a lump was found. A biopsy showed it was triple-negative breast cancer. Luckily, the diagnosis was quick, and she was scheduled for surgery in less than a month.

At the time, first she was in shock, but instead of letting herself feel down, Sandra didn´t stop to think “why is this happening to me”, but she decided to get her act together and cope with the whole process as best as she could. She started with surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, but it got complicated when she was informed that her tumor was triple negative, in addition to BRCA2 positive, and, therefore, at high risk of coming back. At that time, Sandra underwent a total double mastectomy because she was certain that she wanted to prevent this and to continue living as long as possible.

Cancer has completely changed life for Sandra, who can no longer work in her profession. She says she keeps looking ahead and has noticed that she now appreciates things she didn’t before. And her rule of life is to live and enjoy life with her family and friends.




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