What is MatchTrial?

MatchTrial is a cancer clinical trial finder in the first free mobile app for cancer patients with access to all active cancer trials in Spain. Using technology, we make over 800 cancer clinical trials available to patients quickly and easily.

A place where science and people come together.

Why a cancer clinical trial finder like Matchtrial?

For many reasons:

  • Because we believe in clinical research and its value to continue advancing and developing new treatments and drugs that can fight cancer and boost patients’ wellbeing.
  • We want to share scientific knowledge because it is the only way to move science forward.
  • Because we want cancer patients to be part of the processing of choosing a treatment that will help them overcome their disease and take part in the decision-making process.
  • We noticed there is a need for a tool that gives the whole medical community access to the various options and helps them be much more efficient and effective in finding clinical trials for their patients.
  • Because 80% of clinical trials don’t go ahead due to a lack of patients¹ and we want to be an ally for the sponsors that come up with brilliant ideas to improve our quality of life.
  • Because the world has changed and technology makes it possible to make scientific knowledge more accessible.
¹El Factor T, el paciente activo lo cambia todo en salud. Second symposium ‘Creer y crear futuro’. Spanish Society of Hospital Pharmacy (SEFH) in collaboration with Bayer, 2019.

We believe the only way to advance in science is by sharing knowledge.

Who we are?

A multidisciplinary team working to achieve our goal of bringing technology transformation to medical research.

At MatchTrial we have recruited technological, medical and human talent to put together a multidisciplinary team that can take a qualitative leap forward in the world of health and research.

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José Luis Ortiz

José Luís Ortiz
Medical Databases Support & Analyst

Julia Tarrats, Digital Marketing Specialist

Julia Tarrats
Digital Marketing Specialist

Kathy Goldyi

Katerina Goldyi
Business Development Support

Gemma Manzanero

Gemma Manzanero
Patient Care Specialist

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