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Science4Tech signs a partnership with Healthcare Concierge by Bonotaxi to facilitate patient access to clinical trials

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Travel can be challenging, especially for patients who participate in clinical trials. Long distance and even local one can create logistical and financial barriers for patients because they often must bear expenses that are not always reimbursed. To address this challenge, Science4Tech has signed an agreement with Healthcare Concierge by …

Science4Tech secures €2M funding with MatchTrial, a solution for rapid access to cancer clinical trials

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Science4Tech (S4T),  the scaleup offering value-added services based on SaaS technology and Apps to accelerate the results of clinical trials for the benefit of patients, has secured € 2M in first round investment the last quarter of 2022. Fifty private investors have partnered with Science4Tech Solutions to improve and speed …

Science4Tech chooses Barcelona Health Hub for its headquarters in Barcelona

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At Science4Tech we strive to continuously develop new state-of-the-art technological solutions to advance clinical research. As a result of our continued growth and development, we have chosen the Barcelona Health Hub to establish our headquarters. “The BHH was a sensible choice for us” says Jordi Guitart, CEO at Science4Tech. …

MatchTrial and the INVI Association sign a collaboration agreement

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On February 10, MatchTrial and the INVI Association for Male Breast Cancer signed a collaboration agreement, focusing on helping the male population. Breast cancer in men is an invisible reality about which awareness must be raised in society. People need to be cognizant that men, too, can develop breast cancer, …

The importance of diet in cancer treatment

The importance of diet in cancer treatment

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Diet in cancer treatment is very important as it can help patients feel better. In recent years, several foods and diets have been found to potentially favour cancer treatment and improve patient quality of life. In general, people undergoing cancer treatment are advised to follow a low-sugar, high-fibre diet with …

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