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Science4Tech secures €2M funding with MatchTrial, a solution for rapid access to cancer clinical trials


Science4Tech (S4T),  the scaleup offering value-added services based on SaaS technology and Apps to accelerate the results of clinical trials for the benefit of patients, has secured € 2M in first round investment the last quarter of 2022. Fifty private investors have partnered with Science4Tech Solutions to improve and speed up access to cancer clinical trials, bringing hope to patients and families when conventional treatments are no longer effective.


First round exceeds expectations with participation of 50 private investors


The capital increase has allowed Science4Tech to grow from being an emerging company to a scaleup with exponential business progression and scalability, assuming new challenges for the benefit of the final patient. Through its flagship technological solution, MatchTrial®, Science4Tech consolidates its mission aimed at providing more options for cancer patients.


MatchTrial positions as the most effective solution to connect cancer patients with clinical trials


For Science4Tech, investment in research and technology is key to achieve business objectives. Accordingly, €300,000 will be allocated to this objective thanks to the granting of a participatory loan through ENISA. Obtaining this financing reinforces and endorses the business model, its innovative approach, and the sustainability of the project.


The capitalization of Science4Tech will allow the Board of Directors and General Management to address another stage of the company in the Healthtech field  and to strengthen itself in this stage of growth. The company has already undergone an internal reorganization with the appointment of Jordi Guitart as the  new CEO. He takes over for David Campos who has led the investment round and will continue to be linked to the project as a member of the Board of Directors on behalf of minority shareholders. On the other hand, the organization has been reinforced with new talent and capabilities in technology, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, etc.


The capital increase will allow scalability of services and internationalization


The founders of Science4Tech María Campos, Dr. Antonio Llombart and  Dr. Javier Cortés,  who are leaders in the field of biomedical and oncological research,  have a clear mission: “To transform research through technology for the benefit of the patient”.  Not only have they accelerated the process, but they have also improved the efficiency in timing and location. To do this, the challenge is to have the necessary training and professionalization to expand its reach in providing research and innovative solutions to other high-impact diseases and expand to new territories such as France and the USA, which will ultimately aid in helping more patients suffering from cancer and other pathologies through the development of novel solutions.

There are 4 main objectives of Science4Tech in 2023:


(1) internationalization, (2) development of new technological solutions, (3) training of the organization through bringing on new talent and (4) launch of an international institutional round scheduled for the last quarter of the year.


It should also be noted that Science4Tech has recently closed an advisory agreement with Diagonal Asset Management to successfully strength its growth plan.

Science4Tech positions itself as a new player in this field with a value proposition that has managed to unite a top-level ecosystem in the clinical field with the effective collaboration of more than 300 hospitals and research centers, as well as the participation of more than 30 patient associations.

Additional information about the MatchTrial® solution


It was the winning startup of the last edition of Cuatrecasas Acelera thanks to its great scalability potential and social impact. A recognition that helped promote a project with soul, driven by purpose and meaning that has already achieved more than 42,000 downloads of an app including daily-updated interventional clinical trials in oncology in Spain.


The key to MachTrial® success is a hybrid formula that combines artificial intelligence with personalization and the most humane treatment owed to patients, in addition to a great medical team that oversees all processes related to clinical trials.


As Jordi Guitart puts:


Above all, we have the great responsibility to manage options in extremely vulnerable moments and to make a process that is still really complex more humane and efficient. Our duty is to always keep in mind that we treat and help people suffering from cancer for whom standard treatment is not working, and also and collaterally, their family environment.”


The solutions are based on data that aim to optimize all stages of clinical trials, under strict scientific rigor and compliance with the regulatory framework.


How does it work?


MatchTrial® is a free app that accelerates the inclusion of cancer patients in clinical trials. Using advanced algorithm, MatchTrial® enables cancer patients, their families, and medical professionals to quickly discover and access clinical trials that are compatible with their diagnosis, providing personalized support and monitoring throughout the process.


Main magnitudes of MatchTrial®





MatchTrial® downloads


Diagnostics introduced


Applications to Clinical Trials



                                        NB: data collected on 14/12/2022.

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