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Science4Tech chooses Barcelona Health Hub for its headquarters in Barcelona


At Science4Tech we strive to continuously develop new state-of-the-art technological solutions to advance clinical research. As a result of our continued growth and development, we have chosen the Barcelona Health Hub to establish our headquarters.

“The BHH was a sensible choice for us” says Jordi Guitart, CEO at Science4Tech. “As members of the hub, we believe this to be a strategic alliance as we are looking to grow and develop our company surrounded by an ecosystem of like-minded companies helping the healthcare sector to embrace technology and digital advancements”.

Science4Tech was founded in 2019 and is experiencing continuous growth. Last spring, the company raised €2 millions of fresh capital to continue developing powerful data-driven solutions. Building on our recent success, the investment allows the company to enter new international markets, hire talent, develop new product categories and expand its technology capabilities.

“We are delighted to have investors that share our vision and are committed to supporting Science4Tech as we expand into new markets and cover research on new pathologies” says Jordi “With this new round of investment and surrounded within the Barcelona Health Hub ecosystem, we will be able to expand our presence internationally and continue building on our technology to accelerate the delivery of clinical trial outcomes and the provision of new services to support patients”.


At Science4Tech we promote work-life balance and employee flexibility. “Our people value the flexibility provided by virtual working, but some in-person connection is vital to them” says Tamara Blasco, Head of People Experience. The new space, located in the Sant Manuel Pavilion inside the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site, will offer the company’s employees a central location in Barcelona within an innovation hub.

Our offices at the Barcelona Health Hub will be a common space that contributes to collaboration inside and outside the team and it will help to strengthen our talent base to drive our innovative solutions forward.

The Barcelona Health Hub recently announced an investment of 10 million euros to expand its headquarters, which will contribute to positioning Barcelona as a global benchmark in Digital Health.

We unite people and science because sharing is moving forward.


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