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“The future of the healthtech industrylies in putting technology at the service of people and their needs”


Science4Tech appoints Cristina Fernández, PhD in Chemometrics, as Chief Product & Innovation Officer.

Cristina chemist postgraduate with passion for new technologies. She also enjoys travelling, discovering new cultures, sports and singing. She applies this multi-faceted energy to her daily work with cross-functional teams to create products ready to be used in highly regulated environments, solving real-world problems and impacting people’s health. Cristina Fernández joins Science4tech as Chief Product & Innovation Officer to leverage technological innovations in order to accelerate clinical trials. She is aware of the challenge and quotes Cy Wakeman, a leadershipto that she faces it with optimism and her feet on the ground: “Whether you believe something possible or impossible — either way, you will be right.

You were previously working on a SaaS platform to be used in regulated pharmaceutical and biotech environments, specifically in manufacturing. Why did you decide to change?

Although I am a chemist by training, I’ve always loved technology. I had a clear vision that I wanted to dedicate my professional career, within the pharma and life sciences industries, to be able to have an impact people’s health

For the last 11 years, I have worked with technology and artificial intelligence consistently applied to drug manufacturing processes in pharma and biopharma. I decided to take the next step in my professional career and apply my knowledge and experience in the clinical trials ecosystem. It is incredibly motivating because the impact on the patient is more direct than in manufacturing.

How are you facing this new professional challenge?

I face it with great enthusiasm and excitement. I have much to learn in clinical trials, where Science4Tech has extensive experience and expertise. I think I can bring my experience in SaaS and AI products applied to GxP environments (general abbreviation to identify the regulations applicable to the different processes of research, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of medicines, regulated to ensure quality, safety and efficacy in the pharma and healthcare industry). 

Compared to other industries, the healthcare and the pharmaceutical industry in general (and more specifically in clinical trials) tend to lag behind in the adaptation of technological advances, despite their direct impact in people’s health. Probably, strict regulations cause this technological gap.

The challenge is to be technologically competitive in a highly regulated environment and to be able to accelerate clinical trials with confidence in the benefit of both sponsors and patients, even if there is still reluctance or mistrust regarding the use of cutting-edge technology and artificial intelligence. The future is now, but a change of mentality is needed. 

Speaking of the future, how do you see the HealthTech industry in 10 years?

The future of the HealthTech industry lies in putting technology at the service of people and their needs. And that is what Science4Tech does. Its data-driven solutions aim to improve all stages of clinical trials under strict scientific rigour and in compliance with the regulatory framework. Predicting how we will with our environment a few years from now is quite difficult in a few years is difficult in a constantly changing world. However, thanks to technology, everyone, regardless of location or social status, will have a better quality of life (physical and mental well-being). Technology will allow us to anticipate potential diseases in order to prevent them. Moreover, we will be able to have improved access to personalised treatment options.

We unite people and science because sharing is moving forward.


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