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Science4Tech signs a partnership with Healthcare Concierge by Bonotaxi to facilitate patient access to clinical trials


Travel can be challenging, especially for patients who participate in clinical trials. Long distance and even local one can create logistical and financial barriers for patients because they often must bear expenses that are not always reimbursed.

To address this challenge, Science4Tech has signed an agreement with Healthcare Concierge by Bonotaxi, a leading patient travel company, to provide free site transfer services to a series of MatchTrial® users. MatchTrial® is Science4Tech’s free solution that allows patients to access all interventional oncology clinical trials in Spain.


This partnership aims to reduce barriers to patients willing to participate in a clinical trial but for whom transportation represents an additional burden.

Jordi Guitart, CEO of Science4Tech, values the partnership as very positive:

“Helping oncology patients who have to go to a screening visit, without knowing whether they will be accepted into a trial or not, is key to reducing barriers to participation in clinical trials. MatchTrial®, which has already managed to centralize all existing interventional clinical trials in Spain in the app, is at the service of patients to make access to studies easier and more convenient, and at the same time to continue making progress in the fight against cancer.”

Healthcare Concierge by Bonotaxi: leading patient transfers to clinical trial sites


Bonotaxi, with almost 15 years of experience in the industry and more than 130 pharmaceutical laboratories and CROs as clients, makes more than 100,000 journeys each year nationwide by using both taxis and PHV to optimize resources.

“After so many years of experience and exclusive dedication to transporting patients throughout Spain, we are happy to have signed this partnership. It will allow us to make a modest contribution to helping reduce barriers for those patients who want to participate in a clinical trial. We care about patients; by giving them a better experience, and we improve the retention rate throughout the clinical study. Now, through this initiative with Science4Tech, we will help patients from the moment they decide to participate in a trial right before the screening visit. We are confident that our contribution will also be highly valued by the trial sites and sponsors, most of which already trust us with the transfers of their patients, but at a later stage”; says Marina Gómez, deputy director of Healthcare Concierge by Bonotaxi.

The agreement will also allow Science4Tech to carry out a research study that analyses the role played by logistics in the patient’s decision-making process when considering participation in a clinical trial. In order to accomplish this, Science4Tech will analyze the free transfer service offer among MatchTrial® users to assess its impact objectively.

Learn more about Healthcare Concierge by Bonotaxi’s services by clicking here.

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