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We make over 800 cancer clinical trials available to patients quickly and easily.

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What is MatchTrial?

A simple, easy way to find cancer clinical trials.

MatchTrial is the first mobile app that works as a cancer clinical trials matching service. Using technology, we make over 800 cancer clinical trials available to patients quickly and easily.

We bridge the gap between people and science because sharing is advancing.

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    Find the most novel cancer treatments in the research phase

    Did you know more than 28,000 people participated in clinical trials last year¹?

    MatchTrial gives you access to all the cancer clinical trials in one mobile app. Enter your diagnosis and the app will match you to the best clinical trials for your condition.

    ¹BDMetrics. Data from 20 December 2019.


    More effective access to cancer clinical trials for professionals

    A doctor spends 110 minutes on average looking for a clinical trial that is right for their patient1.

    Searching for the right clinical trial for your patient can be a long, complex process. MatchTrial has a database of all the cancer clinical trials that can be searched easily using a mobile app. After answering a questionnaire on the patient’s diagnosis, the app will find clinical trials looking for patients with the same condition.

    12017 ASCO Annual Meeting. Cognitive technology addressing optimal cancer clinical trial matching and protocol feasibility in a community cancer practice. DOI: 10.1200/JCO.2017.35.15 suppl.6501 Journal of Clinical Oncology 35, no.15_suppl (May 2017) 6501-6501.


    Make your cancer research a success

    Currently 80% of clinical trials are cancelled or delayed due to lack of patients¹.

    Aware of the difficulties of finding patients to take part in clinical trials, we’ve created a platform to bring together science and people. We want to make people aware of the value of clinical research and the importance of participating in a study, facilitating access to international clinical research.

    ¹El Factor T, el paciente activo lo cambia todo en salud. Second symposium ‘Creer y crear futuro’. Spanish Society of Hospital Pharmacy (SEFH) in collaboration with Bayer, 2019.

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