Software Engineer (Web Apps)

If you are here is because you’re interested to be part of our project as a Software Engineer, Web Apps.

We are looking for two people to join the MatchTrial engineering team and we have a mission! To improve the quality of life of people with cancer by supporting clinical research through technology solutions.

Your role will be Software Engineer, Web Apps. Your daily activity will consist of creating and rewriting good code with corresponding tests, database schema migrations, automation scripts, etc. And, most importantly, putting things into production. All of this in collaboration with the Product Manager to continue to put experiences in the hands of our customers and users that connect with their needs.

You will also be on the journey towards a service-oriented architecture.

Ideally, the team will complement each other to address both front and back end work. If you have a preference for one of the two, shall we say, sides of the coin, there is plenty to do on all sides.

We have to tell you about the stack but we don’t want to limit your interest based on your experience with other languages and frameworks. Apply without fear. This is what we have:

The current system needs a lot of “love” in terms of good design and programming practices. Patterns, tests, architecture… Many aspects need to be improved. As an example, to give you an idea of one of the points we have on the table: the coupling is very high and the cohesion is very low.

That’s why one of the important things is that you feel comfortable working with a fragile code, knowing, however, that tomorrow will be much better than today thanks to you.


Where do we go from here?

We need to be able to transform the system in such a way that the lead time is reduced until we enter a stable and sustainable state of progress. We will adopt best practices to achieve that goal.

In terms of technology, we are getting into Docker and infrastructure as code with Pulumi. The immediate next steps are:

Start transitioning to a modular monolith.
Start issuing domain events.
Introduce observability.

What do we expect from you?

Communicate fluently, clearly and concisely.

Have an Agile mindset. Not the one with post-its but the one of continuous improvement, collaboration and value delivery.

That you take responsibility for taking the ideas, experiments, models and initiatives that the business proposes from paper to production.

That you ensure that the code the team writes as a whole has the necessary attributes to keep the product on the market in top technical shape for a long time.

Years of experience are relevant as long as you have had the opportunity to write a post-mortem for a productive system crash or you have had to discuss and build with a customer a solution to their problem or you have refactored code to increase test coverage, to name a few examples. You will always have the support and animated GIFs of the engineering manager and the rest of the team.


What will you find?

An ecosystem where science, health and technology come together with a common purpose, and led by a team with a DNA defined by recognition, respect and commitment.

A startup company born at the end of 2019 with a validated disruptive business model and world-class clients in the health sector.


Offer details

Last but not least:

This is not a remote or face-to-face position – work from wherever you want!
Permanent contract or professional services contract.
Remuneration according to experience and background.
Continuous training to learn how to unlearn.


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